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L'homme est né libre, et partout il est dans les fers.

Man is born free, and is everywhere in chains.

— Jean-Jacques Rousseau,
Du Contrat Social


The natural voice is effortless, rich and powerful, but throughout our lives we acquire habits that limit our natural voices. Working with the fundamentals of vocal technique, Alexander Newman helps students reconnect to their natural, uninhibited voices.

For actors and performers, this means learning the techniques you need to perform the most vocally challenging roles, eight times a week without damaging your voice.

For public speakers, this means gaining the absolute confidence in your ability to communicate your message, without any worry that you can't be heard or understood.

For everyone, this means getting to know the physical apparatus you use to make sounds, learning to feel the tensions in your body that affect your voice, and having the power to release those tensions and liberate your voice.

Alexander offers individual assessment and coaching, and group classes for anyone who uses their voice.


Alexander was born and raised in the UK, and travelled extensively, before settling in the USA ten years ago. A native RP ("BBC British") speaker, he has an excellent ear for dialect and for language (he speaks some French, German, Greek and Arabic, and a smattering of Italian and Thai). When you need a performer for a regional British dialect, coaching on the distinctions between Edinburgh and Glasgow, or just someone to have a listen for flaws, call Alexander.


Check back soon for news of lunchtime pay-what-you-can vocal warm-ups at rehearsal spaces around Manhattan. Open to anyone, the program is designed to be an easy-access warm-up for actors, singers and regular folks who want to keep their voices exercised without giving up the day job.




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