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For centuries, stories were told and retold, and rarely written down. As stories passed through generations, they evolved and adapted to the mores of the times. But since the Epic of Gilgamesh was carved into clay tablets four thousand years ago, versions of the stories have been crystallized in written form, and made static. Most famously, the brothers Grimm recorded European folklore with such encyclopaedic thoroughness that the stories they documented now bear their name.

Now, though, we have remix culture: the inevitable modern expression of the human desire to take beloved things and own them by contribution and by sharing. The 21st century's way of giving stories new life through transformation, reinterpretation, adaptation… remixing.

This, then, is my contribution to remix culture: stories retold, and shared. For each story, I've read as many source versions as I can, then put all the written sources aside, and told the tale as I remember it, want to remember it, or want to tell it.

After that, it's in your hands. The audio is all released under a Creative Commons license, for non-commercial use. (Contact me for commercial use: I'll be delighted to talk.)

Due to apparently endless construction work in my building, it's taking a little while to get clean recordings of these tales. Check back in a day or two




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