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Eloïse is my adorable half-sister. She a glorious girl - when she's not being a perfect minx - and has the distinctly cool trait of being always pleased to see her big brother, which makes me very happy. Naturally, I worship her. I just can't wait to take her shopping on Fifth Avenue.

N.B. Eloïse, while showing some similar traits, is not the same little girl that lives in the Plaza Hotel, New York. She doesn't have a tortoise for a start.

Here are some recent snaps of school uniforms and a certain princess.
Old pictures are available in the archive.

Picture gallery

Look out school, here come's Eloïse!
My sister,
Eloise,  in her first school uniform

That uniform again, in profile.
Eloise in uniform
grey skirt and white blouse.

Princess, what princess?
Eloise dressed
as a princess, with tiara and tutu


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